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  • Magnesium

    Most of the population in Israel lacks magnesium.     Based on medical studies  80% of Israelis do not consume a sufficient amount of magnesium.

  • Enrgy for the soul

    Adequate level of magnesium in the body can easily prevent common heart diseases

  • Health

    Magnesium will help you stay fit, be energetic  and feel young and strong, maintain proper muscle function

  • Life style

    Magnesium is one of the most basic components in our body, which directly affects our health and quality of life.

  • “I bought my mother your 520 magnesium, it just improved my muscle aches, sleep and more in two days. So thank you very much”

    Osnat customer
  • “I suffer a lot from leg cramps, especially at night, I have been taking Magnox for over 5 years and it should be noted that on the day I forgot to take it, I hardly sleep at night.
    Finally love this plugin “

    Iris customer
  • “Thanks to Saffrox I am relaxed “

  • “Since I started taking Magnox Sport Plus, it’s easier for me to train, my muscles are less sore or cramped, I recover quickly and get better results.”

    Assi Personal trainer

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